The Family


There are several families living in the different houses on the farm. In the big farm house lives farmer George with his wife Kate and three children Vita (12), William (11) and Henry (9).

Other than the farm George has a great interest in sailing and loves travelling around the world assisting his children in their optimist racing.

Kate is a very skilled ENT surgeon and other than her job in Poole hospital is often called out by local families to safe the day.

Farm manager Marius lives in the first cottage on the right when you drive into the farm. He and his wife Betty are the sole reason why our farm always looks amazing. Together with their daughter Kinga (6) they have been part of the farm family for many years.

Kate’s brother Nicholas lives in the far cottage with his wife Fanny and their two sons Dirk (5) and Jonny Bear (3). Nicholas has sailed on an Olympic level for many years which resulted in 2 silver medals for Great Britain and is now enjoying sailing bigger boats and coaching his niece and nephews where he can. Fanny is running the bookings for the barns and looks after the boys.